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About Us

Universal NutriBeverage Sdn. Bhd. (11329-U) was established since 1971 and we are experienced in beverage manufacturer business for over 40 years. Our products are fruit drink base concentrate, flavoured cordial/syrups & ready to drink (RTD) under the brand name of SUN UP & 7 RINGS.

The Universal NutriBeverage (UNB) factory and operations are ISO 9001:2019 and HACCP Certified. In line with this certification, the Universal NutriBeverage factory and operations exercise the most stringent controls to continuously improve and enforce their "zero defects" policy. Universal NutriBeverage was awarded the Keris Award in recognition of its honesty and intergrity in conducting business by our Deputy Finance Minister of Malaysia. It is Universal NutriBeverage's ongoing process to ensure that the factory complies with Malaysian government HALAL and health standards. 

We currently export to more than 20 over countries worldwide. Locally, we supplied to some of the biggest international store under OEM basis and high volume never a problem to our production line.