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Promo Pack Sun Up 1.5L RTD (Mango And Orange Flavour)

Promo Pack Sun Up 1.5L RTD (Mango And Orange Flavour)
Promo Pack Sun Up 1.5L RTD (Mango And Orange Flavour)
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**Please make 6 bottles in a single receipt, kindly split the order when it is more than 6 bottles**

Sun Up ready-to-drink fruit drinks are made from selected fruits which helps restore, rejuvenate and revitalize the body.

The perfect thirst quenching and convenient drink for any occasion.

- Made In Malaysia / Buatan Malaysia

- HALAL Certified / Produk HALAL


The product is produced from a company that is HACCP & ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Produk diperbuat oleh kilang yang diperakui HACCP & ISO 9001:2015.


Product Application / Aplikasi Produk

  • Canteen treats / Hidangan Kantin
  • Bakery & confectionary / Kedai Roti & Gula-gula 
  • Party & gathering / Pesta & perhimpunan
  • Catering and buffet dinner / Katering dan hidangan bufet
  • Restaurant & Cafe / Kafe dan restoran
  • Hotel & wedding dinner / Hidangan hotel dan perkahwinan

Product Storage / Simpanan Produk

Store in a cool, dry place. Away from heat and direct sunlight./

Simpan di tempat sejuk, kering. Jauhi daripada sinaran matahari.


Serving suggestions / Cadangan Melayani

  • Shake well before serving / Goncang sebelum guna
  • Best served chilled / Baik dihidangkan ketika sejuk
  • Refrigerate after opening./ Perlu didinginkan selepas dibuka

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